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By: Madie Wills



Kelp: Can you talk about why you chose photography? What does this form provide that other media do not?

Madie Wills: I can’t say that I chose photography but found it through my love of art. The ability to create a still shot of a moment and manipulate it through photoshop and color-correcting applications allows me to get the same satisfaction that I get from drawing and creating. But, unlike traditional art, there’s a definite ability of exploration and adventure in photo taking, because you definitely get experiences, and you don’t always have an easy access to a shot. 

Kelp: What do you look for when framing a shot? What draws you to the pictures you take?

Madie Wills: I’m not always the best at this, but what draws me most are angles and colors. I don’t take photos straight on most times and always hunch over to get most pictures. And definitely colors, because they grab the eye. It draws you in and really emphasizes the moment and area you’re in. 

Kelp: Should photographers be cognizant of the narrative they create of a place or time when exhibiting photos?

Madie Wills: Depending on the subject, yes. People and certain sites require space and respect. I think, however, in this day and age, seeing a camera or phone being used to document everything is just the way we are now. But, having that respect and definite awareness of your surroundings is incredibly important, especially when traveling abroad. 

Kelp: How has the digital age affected photography?

Madie Wills: Practically anyone can be a photographer. The media itself is constantly having to change just due to how we handle our news intake, entertainment intake, etc. But it excites me. I enjoy having more creative minds finding beauty in things. Even if it’s just more selfies.

Kelp: Are there any photographers that have influenced your work?

Madie Wills: Yes, there’s one in particular whose work inspired me to find inspiration anywhere you are. His name is Jamie Livingston. He took a Polaroid shot nearly every day from 1979 till his death in 1997. His quirky snapshots of his life, whether they be blurry or still, inspire me and get those creative juices flowing. 


Bio: Madie Wills is a media content provider for the company ASAP Fitness. She is pursuing certificates in both Television and Radio Studies and continues to work towards her Associate of Arts degree in Multimedia. Madie keeps busy by traveling locally for work and worldly for missionary work.

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