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[Poetry] Two Poems by Sofia Melka

Where the City Meets the Sea


All roads lead to nowhere

Slim, breakable paths upon the coast.

A cluster of silver by the sand.

The line where the city meets the sea Is

very straight

Like an angry man’s gaze

Toward those he hates.


Arid quadrants of flaking forests,

Trees all raked toward the towns

Which are pulled to

The people who are drowned in

The water which is decided by

That cruel moon which we all

In equal parts circle.


Cloudy and out of orbit

They dig to find the before

And leave nothing behind

To unbury

Once this all passes.



Washed away by waves

And waves saluting

The rising fog

And the sinking sun which abandons

The sinking ships

And the masses of people praying,

Leaning into the water

Where the city meets the sea


The digging continues.

The townspeople spare

A second’s glance to the red mist

Of final breaths’ dance

And their cries against apathy

Become cries pathetic

Which become unheard

As they’re swallowed

By the sounds of drilling.


Their worn bones become the sand The

town’s children dream

Of in their kid-sleep.

And so the coast grows

Larger, and the coast grows

Longer, and more of the grown-ups

Learn to love

The growing beach of tawny tombs

In that place


Where the city meets the sea.



The Whole World Is a Never-Ending Wave in a Sea as Large as My Eye


The sea never disappoints. 

Free man, you will always find 

It hollowing your mind

Over eons. The lulling of a constant 

Destruction. ‘Power through frequency, 

Not force,’ I tell you. An ocean of 

Tranquility lives forever in the mind, 

And from its foam this notion springs: 

Art exists only in the mouth.

It does not last in the flesh. And 

So you search. You search in lust 

And so-called sin, in the body 

And in wine, in the shared warmth 

Of your kin. But, everything, all

Horrors and all miracles, are found 

Within the one assurance

Of existence: yourself.


Revered ashes defied mortality, 

Making themselves into masterpieces 

Before the decay and before waking 

Away. "Just sleep if off" you’re told, 

“And let it walk.”



Sofia Melka is a writer in Prague. Her work is forthcoming in 101 Words and Verse of April. Her TEDx Talk has been included in the TEDx 2023 ”Editor's Picks" playlist.


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