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Kelp Journal is a multimedia experience. Our goal is to publish the written and visual arts through our website and use our social media platforms to promote these works and help our contributors curate a larger following. We publish original poetry, true horror, fiction, travel pieces, interviews, reviews, photos, art, videos, and mixed media pieces.


We are based in California and have a deep affinity for coastal themes, adventure, travel, wanderlust, and global culture. If your piece has an adventurous spirit, we want to see it! We are not yet a paid market, but we hope to act a catalyst to all of you talented writers and artists out there. 


To submit your work please follow us on Instagram @kelp_Journal, then see the following guidelines:




We accept all kinds of fiction, generally in lengths of under 5,000 words. We don't have a particular aesthetic (other than adventurous in nature), except that we typically like to read work that has clearly been fussed over. Work that has seen beta readers, and curated on a sentence level. Hard work shows and prevails.




We also publish poems long and short and it is our goal to feature a new poem every week and at least one new poet a month. Send us 3-5 of your best poems for consideration. Again, coastal, travel, and adventure themes are preferred, however, all will be considered.


-True Horror


We are seeking true horror stories told from the first person to publish on our website. We want your personal stories of terrifying and supernatural happenings. These honest accounts of ghosts, monsters, other-worldly beings, or paranormal experiences should challenge our beliefs in what is real. 500-5,000 words preferred.




Yup, people still love to hear about your travel experiences. We are looking for unique takes on global travel, like a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that blew your mind, or a strange experience abroad. You travel, you write it up, we will read it and consider it for publication. We prefer a multi-media experience on this column—so if you have strong photographic accompaniment, that would be preferred. A short film would be considered too.




Are you a talented photographer? We would like to showcase your work. Send us 15-20 of your best surf/adventure shots, previously unpublished, and we'll take a look. Send submissions to KelpPhotoEditor (at) gmail.com



-Art and Film. 


We're also looking for artists and (very) short outdoor, adventure, and coastal themed films and artwork.  Send those submissions to KelpMagazineEditor (at) gmail.com


*Unless otherwise directed, all submissions should be attached to your email in a word doc (Word or PDF). Times New Roman, double-spaced. Photo's should be in .JPEG or .GIF. Keep the file sizes down so it there aren't any issues viewing them. Preferably below 500k each. Send submissions to the appropriate editor, or to KelpMagazineEditor (at) gmail.com. Follow us @kelp_journal prior to submitting. 

David M. Olsen, Editor-in-Chief

kelpmagazineeditor (at) gmail.com

A.M. Larks, Photo Editor

KelpPhotoEditor (at) gmail.com


Oliver Brennan, Editor at Large

kelpjournalfiction (at) gmail.com


A.E. Santana, True Horror Editor

 KelpTrueHorror (at) gmail.com

Chih Wang, Copyeditor

Kelpmagazineeditor (at) gmail.com


Maria Duarte, Poetry Editor

kelpmagazineeditor (at) gmail.com

Kira Star, Travel Editor

KelpJournalMedia (at) gmail.com

Ben Mooney, Film Editor

bmooney52 (at) msn.com 

Leslie Gonzalez, Fiction Editor

KelpJournalFiction (at) gmail.com 

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