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Calm Sea



Pushcart Prize 

Poetry: Jim Jas's "Two-Fold Transition" 

Poetry: Michael Goldman's "The Ones with the Spilt Tails are Terns" 

Best Crime Fiction 

The Dark Waves of Winter: All Contributors


Best of the Net 

Poetry: KB Ballentine's "The Root of the Wind is Water,” "Memory Knows the Place" and "Between Moments"

Nonfiction: Melody Greenfield's "Altar"

Nonfiction: Trey Brunette's "If We Were There for Leisure"

Nonfiction: David Martinez's "Outrunning"

Nonfiction: Shantha J. Bunyan's "Dolphin Interrogation" 

Fiction: Brian Asman's "Stool Pigeon" 

Fiction: Leanne Phillip's "The Jetty" 

Fiction: Gary Grace's "Yes, Virginia"

Fiction: Art Hanlon's "salmon.king"

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