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Kelp Journal

Summer 2019

Surf Photography by Austin Moore

[Editor's Note]

David M. OlsenDefining a New Project


Chas Smith | The Pointlessness of Surfing

[Women of the Shred]

Lara Reeves | Doctor, Philanthropist, Surfer


Megan Patiry | Three Poems


David Zimmerle | The Baja Accord


Madie Wills | Travel


Austin Moore | The North Shore - Oahu

[True Horror]

A.E Santana | Teenage Possessions


Peter Houlahan | Norco '80

[Interview, Film]

Michael Scott Moore and Kelp Founder, David M. Olsen

Chas Smith

Fiction | The Pointlessness of Surfing


Benedict Mooney | Steinbeck's Monterey

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