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Three Poems

By: Megan Patiry



It is time

to put shovel to dirt

There are fragments here

Bones to be unearthed 

Flesh, reattached

Tendons, aligned to better fit 


double pump this time

on the heart hit








It is time now 


It is time


to dig yourself up



PROVENANCE (the beginning)

There’s a midnight train

going anywhere in the night

You can book a ticket to London

It will take you there under the sea

You can cop an accent

You can quietly sip tea

But, more important than any of these things

You can book a ticket to New

They don’t ask for a photo

or an I.d. 


Where you’ve been is no longer as important 

as where you’re going

There’s a midnight train

it’s name is Provenance




My love is this art

full easel, topless

morning light

My wolf watches from the window

I let her in at night

These colors do not wash away

permanent ink

here to stay

they prove me right 

they prove me right in only the highest way

Show me again

how you compare

Show me again

how you’re not here

Bare to me

your missing teeth


... I let my wolf in at night and she howls

She howls at all this unending light



Bio: Megan Patiry is a wellness writer, artist, and part-time nomadess. Her work is heavily influenced by the expansiveness of travel, the healing process, and using positive psychology to create pieces that light lanterns up the spines of readers’ darkest nights. 

She was born in Florida and is based in the U.S., but currently travels the world six months out of the year to bring different cultural perspectives into her art. Her poems are also set to appear in the Global Age Poetry anthology in 2019. She can always be found at:

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