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Photo credit: Em Harriett

David M. Olsen  [Editor's Note]
A New Mission Statement

Laurie Rockenbeck [Fiction]
Rock Bottom

Michael H. Kew [Essay]
Land's-End to Sacrality

Tracy Engle [Poetry]
Five Poems

Bailey Loveless [Essay]

Interview  [Photography]  
With Em Harriet

Emmet Browne [Fiction]
Broken Cowboys

Kate Iida [Essay]
The Caguama

Larissa Larson [Poetry]
Three Poems

John Yunker [Fiction]
Curio Bay

K.L. Johnston [Photography]

Liska Jacobs [Book Review] 
The Pink Hotel

Oliver Brennan [Fiction] 

Suzanne Bailey [Poetry]
Five Poems

Charlie Racehorse [True Horror]

Krista Beucler [Fiction]
Keziah and the Whale

Alaric Cabiling [True Horror]
White Lady

Josie Iselin [Book & Exhibition Review]
The Curious World of Seaweed

Antoine Wilson [Interview]
Mouth to Mouth

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