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[Wanderlust] Snorkeling Turks and Caicos: Under the Sea

by Ian Hill


Max: Oooeeee there’s daddio scuba diving

Max: What’s that?

Max: I don’t know what that is? *blanket confusion*

Max: What is that? *seriously questioning reality*

Max: Ooooo lookatdatlittlecute fish

Max: Loootat dat lil fish *I’d definitely pet that fish*

Max: There’s all the bottom

Pete: Ah! *I’m overwhelmed by all of this*

Max: Oooooooh

Max: Where are all those guys doin *can I come?*

Pete: I’m nervous!

Paula (Nana): It’s an angel fish *let’s bring order to chaos here…*

Max: Where’s he going?

Max: What is that?

Paula (Nana): It’s a flounder

Max: Why? *existential thoughts*

Max: Where’s he lookin for?

Max: What’s he lookin for?

Paula (Nana): They’re mostly all lookin for something to eat.

Max: Huh? *can’t compute*

Pete: Pshessh *I’m freaking out right now*

Max: That where you saw a fish underwater *let’s stick to the facts*

Paula (Nana): That’s a parrot fish.

Max: Yeh *duh*

Max: Didjuseedat?

Pete: Eaah! *I will need a new diaper after this*

Max: Oh! Dat’s a shark down in the bottom *wonder what he’s doing down there*

Pete: eh eh eh ahhhhh *please turn this off*

Max: Down on the bottom *he’s down there alright*

Pete: Eyebrow! Praaah! *this is a cry for help*

Me: *tears*

Pete: Hyah! *that’ll show him!*

Max: Lookat all those little fish

Max: Lookat all those little fish - look at all dos fish *do you see them?*

Pete: Waaah Wookatfush downin whakey wi fish *I do, I do see them*

Max: So many! *but wait, what’s missing?*

Max: Where’s the Trumpet fish?

Pete: Iwanwook at dat one! *I need that one in my hand right now*

Max: Wheres-is dat uncle Wes?

Me: No that’s your mommy.

Max: Why? *Can’t that just be Uncle Wes? Why does that have to be mommy?*

Pete: Ah Ah *geeking*

Max: Oh, you saw a turtle!

Pete: Ah wook at turtle! *do you see it though?*

Max: eyis why eyis dat fer cutting, whatre, whatisda pointy thing for? *I’m steering clear of that thingamajig*

Me: It’s for stingin.

Max: Huh? Why? *why would any animal on this planet need a pointy thing for stinging?*

Paula (Nana): It’s a stingray.

Max: Why? *that did not answer the question….*

Max: oh, oh there’s emrgh there’s little stingray *I’ve seen this bugger before, got your number you sneaky devil*

Paula (Nana): Did you like it there?

Max: hmm? *come again?*

Paula (Nana): Did you like it there?

Max: Is that Turks and Caicos?

Paula (Nana): mmhm

Ian Hill is an adventure athlete who found a camera. Day-to-day, he's cofounder of a medtech startup, but whenever the opportunity presents itself, he's climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, or just somewhere in the middle-of-nowhere shooting photos and videos.


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