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David M. Olsen  [Editor's Note]
The Silver Waves of Summer

Tomas Baiza [Fiction]
A Place to Call Home

With Maria Hummel [interview]
Lessons in Red

R.J. Lambert [Poetry]
Four Poems

David Martinez [Essay]

Jennifer Sara Widelitz  [Photography]  
Across the Seas

Art Hanlon [Fiction]

Michael Cuglietta [Essay]
At the Mercy of an Old Friend

Federica Santini [Poetry]
Five Poems

Whitney Mackman [Essay] 
Glow Me Out of the Darkness

Sherri Harvey [Photography]
Derawan Island

KB Ballentine [Poetry] 
Three Poems

Leanne Phillips [Fiction]
The Jetty

Shantha Bunyan [Essay] 
Dolphin Interrogation

Devin Meireles [True Horror] 
The Spooky Tap

A.E. Santana [Book Review]
Whisper Down the Lane

Kelp Books Releases this Month

Chapbook Contest Winner

The Silver Waves of Summer

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