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[Books] New Chapbook Available at Kelp Books

Just Launched. A powerful collection of poetry by award-winning poet, Caleb Nichols.

Praise for Teems///\\\Recedes

"'Deep within: joy. / Fathoms below: terror.' What a gorgeous abundance, this collection--written by a poet who deeply understands the strangest truth of being on this earth: that we are dying every moment we are living. And so: we must pay attention. We must attend this strangeness, filled with dogs and August evenings, Beach House albums and 'Harrison Ford / running down the beach.' What a gift, these joys and terrors." -Chen Chen

"Kin to Witman's gaze and embrace, Caleb Nichols' TEEMS///\\\RECEDES polishes the lapidary details of a 21st century life: the ocean, Southern California streets, far away friends, the tamale lady. His Poems bring us closer to the sensuousness of the world, its marvels and devastations. He's unwilling to miss out on what is sexy and interesting about even the smallest things--hummbird wings, a green flame, tongues, our secret names--and he invites his readers to miss less, too."

--Holly Wren Spaulding, author of Familiars and If August.

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