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[Poetry] An evening by the beach, I heard a Voice

by Shailey Bellamkonda

An evening by the beach, I heard a Voice

A sight by the Sun

A song by the moon

Free and wild

I have no prison

I am the Ocean

I rise to the clouds

and make the rain

to feed the fields

that grant the grain!

I am the Ocean

Show some sense

and don’t you litter

So many lives

take my shelter

You grow old

and die one day

Forever young,

for thee, let me stay

I am the Ocean

At times I spurt

And you’re hurt

It’s a feature

designed by nature

I don’t enjoy

causing you harm

Be reasonable

and keep me calm

I am the Ocean

Salt in Taste

Sweet at Heart

Give worries a pause

Come lets hug and kiss

I am the Ocean

Shailey Bellamkonda has been writing stories and poetry since the age of 8 years and her stories are published in various online literary journals like Teen Ink and The Wise Owl. Themes involving Nature, Humanity, Relationships draw her into writing. Besides her literary and academic engagements, Shailey can be found immersed in a huge home library of YA literature from all over globe or playing piano or painting while enjoying old time Indian film music. She is also a travel vlogger occasionally. Shailey is a sophomore from Hyderabad, India.


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