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[Poetry] Three Poems by Yuan Changming

Geophysical Circulation

From the heart of

The Northern Gyroscope

Pumps out the blue blood of

The Pacific

With its spirit of peace, circulating

Within the arteries of every human continent


From this badly broken sailboat of mine

I have to keep pumping out water

With an equally leaking bucket in hands

To avoid sinking or overturning

While my soul tries fiercely to catch the monsoon

To bring my protobeing closer to the shore

That’s how I manage to navigate the narrows

Through stormy feels

Among surging consciousnesses


During my long swim across the straight

My body has totally exhausted, bruises all

Over, rotten from head to toe, ready to

Dissolve among cutting waves of night, but

My soul has survived as it finally comes

Ashore, naked like a lost migrating bird

Pecking at its own shadow on the beach, not

Knowing how

To fly with a pair of featherless wings

Yuan Changming hails with Allen Yuan from Changming’s publication credits include twelve Pushcart nominations and fifteen chapbooks, most recently Sinosaure from Redhawk Publications. Changming’s work has also appeared in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry , BestNewPoemsOnline, Poetry Daily, and many others across 49 countries, Changming has also served on the jury and nominated for Canada's National Magazine Awards in the poetry category.


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