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[Poetry] Two Poems by Daniel Rabuzzi



A Spotted Sandpiper at Little Compton



I teetered myself, in my excitement to see you, on those small boulders, I think you knew this, you teased me, lithe prankster bobbing and dipping and svipping, sprite over tang, chasing the foam, bill pip-pip-pip, all alone but for me and an indifferent gull overhead.





Terns at Wellfleet



We watched the darting terns, swirling,

A cloud that reassembled,

Down for the silvery fleck of fish,

Wings like scythes,

Tails swivel-forked,

And we thought them “our terns,”

Belonging to this place and this time,

But for them it was only a portion of their lives,

More than a way station may be, but

Not the whole of their existence,

As they gained strength for the trek

Back to shores in Argentina.





Daniel A. Rabuzzi (he/his) has had two novels, five short stories, 30 poems, and nearly 50 essays/ articles published ( He lived eight years in Norway, Germany and France. He earned degrees in the study of folklore & mythology and European history. He lives in New York City with his artistic partner & spouse, the woodcarver Deborah A. Mills (


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