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[Poetry] Two Poems by Lori Zybala

The River


emotions / black rocks of carved perception 

born / take shape / solidify


impermanent / the river flows constantly changing

drops of water / renewing


the past / the future

arriving / destination flows in-between

birth / death / no absolute


continuously changing the river alive

renewing / never the same twice


mindfully / rocks disappear

give way / movement / freedom

‘I am here’!     waist deep in the river of life




Ebb and Flow



patterns disengage, in search of balance

seasons as tides, exchange times energy


cycles of quietness and space - fundamental


as waves of the sea swell

energy and passion eventually, cry out


up - down, back - forth

natural desire               intrinsic


deeply profound

bone and marrow        essential




tides ebb and flow

circulating life’s energy


trust the internal electricity

gravity understands its role


force of attraction

one body - one soul     timeless




pure energy

instinctively flows up stream


magnetic frequencies

generate towards an upward ascent


re-engaged patterns     balanced                                

source of life    consummated


cycles of speeding light          dance

sharing the sun’s energy


stars align

as destiny’s power, ebbs, and flow’s 




Lori A. Zybala is a writer passionate about intertwining the musing of the mind, related to human existence, nature, and the love of language.  Poetry is her natural extension, a paper and pencil union of the conscious and subconscious mind.  Her work has appeared in multiple publications across the global writing community, Free Verse Revolution, Kelp Journal- The Wave, Wingless Dreamer, and other publication across the global writing community. Originally from Canada, works in the world of academia, and lives in Waterloo Ontario. When not writing she can be found hiking in nature, reading poetry, and indulging in a great cup of coffee.



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