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[Poetry] Two Poems by Uche Chidozie

My Psalm

The eardrums burst into the rumble of buzz and busy

Paragon of pandemonium perpetrates air carnage,

When the chaotic music stops and silence cuts free from magnet,

I will feel fine.

A walk across the horizon

I see the fuming face of God

Dip into cigarette smokes of Amazon

There is no peace in the world.

Every day, it sounds like war front in the town

Motor engines run riot all over

From afar, welders and plumbers hammer metals,

Discussions fade into deaf and whispers drown.

I think its high time thy kingdom calm,

I struggle every day to read my psalm.

Land of Peace

They are fluttering,

Watering into waves,

The voices in my head

Congest the choices that I made.

They thunder like unequalized signal,

Racket, cracking, tethering

And I am filtering.

Millions of people buzz,

Like Alexander's troops, harsh textures,

Yank, crank, roar and howl into my ears' gold capsule,

I listen and listen I couldn't write.

The cities playback their unbalanced frequency of chaos.

Banging! Screeching! Twitching!

all corners pummel with broken basses and muffled synthesizer,[s1]

Metallic granular, uncensored distortions,

Fragile souls dare not tune in,

To avoid emotional mutilation.

I seek spiritual shrines

Into the western west of the wasteland,

Where the bats silently squat in hags and rags,

The owls watch in awe,

I journey in search of serenity.

This path is bluntly hazy,

Trees live out in this cold wild without thick jackets,

Loneliness gives me a chilled hug

While trembling, goose bumps rattle through my skin.

I keep walking,

Keep searching,

For the land of peace.

Uche Chidozie Okorie studied English at Caritas University, Nigeria. He is a poet, playwright, rapper and music producer.

[s1]American English spelling


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