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#SIP Poem - by Macy Lu

Updated: May 2, 2020

I Still Shave My Legs

By Macy Lu

I still shave my legs—

though no stranger’s eyes shall glimpse them—

pull razor over marble skin

snatch coarse tendrils between steel teeth

watch prickly black bud into a plume and dissipate

in water the color of mixed paints

I still read books, lubricate the cogs in my head

Make sure they don’t creak

Savor the histories, Gulp the fantasies

Get drunk on Wilde

Push away the travel mags cause

Who cares for Machu Pichu anymore?

I still talk with friends, crackled voices on speakers

Low burning embers spitting gold into the night

We take turns breathing each other’s dreams

And exhaling memories—

Sand-encrusted eyelids, clinking glasses, indigo tire rims

I still say my prayers, fingertips pressed to fingertips

Pressed to dry lips

Words spilling from me in a tempest

Unrefined, unguarded, raw

A cracked wound in the sight of God

I still pick flowers—

Pansies, marigolds, gardenias, morning glories—

Balance them on fourth story windowsills

Smear color across a cumulus canvas

My rally against atrophy, my banner of defiance

Macy Lu is a writer in her sophomore year at the University of California, Davis studying communications and english. In high school, she was president of her school’s creative writing club, and in her freshman year of college she was on the Submissions Committee for UCD’s literary magazine. When she’s not in writer mode (which is rarely ever), she’s watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with her sister, doing pilates, or debating between which ice cream flavor to try next. This is her first time being published. You can learn more about her on her Christian/personal blog 


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