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Surf Noir Anthology Call for Submissions

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Call for submissions for Kelp Books! Our annual surf noir anthology is looking for a team of talented contributors.

This book's predecessor, The Silver Waves of Summer, was an Amazon #1 new release and was reviewed well in myriad publications. We are looking to build on that success.

"A potent assemblage of briskly paced tales that will satisfy mystery and crime noir fans." - Kirkus Reviews

The Dark Waves of Winter is planned for publication in Nov/Dec of 2022. We are looking for 10-12 short stories that adhere as closely as possible to the following guidelines.

1. It must take place at a beach locale

2. We are looking for noir/neo-noir so crime, capers, detective stories are a good fit. Literary stories work as well.

3. We always appreciate a surfer or waterperson as a character.

4. Word count between 3K and 6K preferred.

Deadline to submit is May 2, 2022.

To submit please visit our Submittable page.


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