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[Poetics] Three Poems by Krista Canterbury Adams

Finally, we have come to the place

we wanted—

wooden tables stacked with fruit

and yeasty flat bread,

pitchers of spring water

with the green of mint,

the yellow of lemon

floating along the surface,

water said to be magic,

to be healing,

from an ancient sacred source.

We are in the side street,

in front of the spice shop

that sells cinnamon

and earthy nutmeg.

Here, in the sunlight,

for a while, we eat

of the magic of trees,

drink of the clear, fresh water.


All night frowns down.

We listen to the spirit voices

Which live in the grove,

Voices so much like water moving

Over smooth stones.

We listen to the unearthly trees

High above in the dark—


Say owls from the dark branches,

“All things sleep at our feet.”

This sleep,

A shower of leaves.

This sleep,

Winter melting

Into the grove.

In the Time of Golden Trees

We imagine to hunt & forage

on the sandy streambank,

to follow the paved path

& burst out through the trees.

But the Fox Mother

has shown us her teeth,

taught us to be,

to peel away

with claw & fang.

We are not the same

savages we once were

in the waving honey-leaves.


in this bronze wood

we are silent & broken,

our time of golden trees

has passed.

Krista Canterbury Adams writes out of Columbus, Ohio. She has a six-poem series due to be printed this spring in AHF Magazine & has forthcoming work in The Dark Sire, Carmina, Collective Realms, CC&D magazines and BFS Horizons. She is a member of the SFPA.

Photo Credit: David M. Olsen


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