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[Poetry] Four Poems by Pamela Pete

mackerel skies

i'm driving through mountains

on this blue gray evening

looking at the cloudlets in awe

i find solace and love

all the variations of softness

the pouch of the mammatus

forms a heart my mothers

i feel her smile enrich the air

high heaping rolls layers

of altocumulus

resemble my life

hole punched

next to a cirrus forming

long arms

with folded hands

praying for me

globular masses move

reshape and disappear

the altocumulus it stays

for the next forty miles


snow crowned mountains

it stays with me

arms elongating hands clasped

as i round the bend

a head and back appear



stratocumulus threaten rain

but in the heap

and height of the billowy clouds

under the protective chest

an egress a tiny sliver of light

not belonging

to the dusk and diming days

the night speaks

i stand in the cold alone

there is no thought of the day's heft

or of empty humming-bird feeders

the night air smells of burning wood

omnipresent and full

neighbors nestle for the night

curtains drawn

the moon suspended

pulling on clouds like covers

one by one house lights

illuminate dusk

tree shadows dance

on the white garage stage

clouds roll by like an audience

tinged with pink drifts

the night is wonderful

echoing barks break the silence

low growling motorcycles

and distant traffic

yet for a few hours

for a few hours stillness is sweet

the chill comforting

outside in the cold


so gradual almost imperceptible

one wool thread picked at

we should've burned not cut

or with needle

pointedly pulled back

we did neither

it happens to me too

the search for keys in hand

we both laughed about it

through the tightest weave of fabric

fragments of time sifting mind

denying we knew we saw she thread

spun of torment thinning longer

as if being pulled


in the soft grey corners deepening


burrows in both– us

errands now humongous chest

tightening fear

she called me crying i'm lost

familiarity catches the corner

of her eye

the thread

hangs crooked with bends

weave pattern reminders

aunts mother

snagged on places words

remnants minds edges


seventy years of worth heaped



family hope and promises

replaced with acceptance

as the last stitch is slowly


Chief Master Sergeant, United States Air Force veteran, Pamela Peté, is a Poet, Motivational Speaker, Author, Goal Coach, founder, and CEO of Masterful Purpose, LLC, a global speaking and personal development company.

Poetry is Pamela's gift, and she has been writing poetry for over fifty years and has delivered her spoken word poetry internationally. She recently completed her MFA (Master of Fine Arts) with an emphasis in poetry at the University of California Riverside. Pamela ties her poetry into her speaking, which has given her success connecting with her audiences.

Pamela lives in Hesperia, California, with her husband, Larry, dog Kelly and One Fish. When she isn't writing poetry, she is enjoying her twenty-two grandchildren, gardening, and photography.

Her motto is "Wake-up on Purpose– Your Masterful Purpose!"


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