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[Poetry] Three Poems by Mike Sluchinski

lawrencetown beach (mostly frozen summer surf)

even with the suit

legs freezing in

                                  summer waters while

                                  rocks wound and

                                  edge feet cut to bits

and red faced and

a half

hearted paddle out

(and a day of one of

those one of those days)

the paddle out

and sloppy ways and

                                              sloppy waves and fighting

                                              the rip played out arms creased

                                              nothing right not rightly for a left

                                              and mushy waves white foam and

                                              last nights wind never came down

(and you know)

that gut feeling cold and balled up

you know in that deep blue

                                                         that deep blue part

                                                         waves in carpets and kegs

                                                         carpets and kegs rolling in

you know something’s

something                                         watching you

                                                          under somewhere and it’s

time time to call

last ride and

ride the next wave

all the wave in

way in

it’s the locals

you can’t see

that just may have teeth

and tempers to match

makapu’u first day waves

got off a plane two days before

drove out

first waves

smiling and nothing

can break through

                     at the top

                                and the water rising

                                          the wave jacks up

                                                     pushing sliding

                                                                and the board too

                                                     sliding and gravity bent bends

                                          and free energy

                               and caught it so surprised

                    and never made

forgot the bottom turn

stupid smiles perma grinning

never made it just

                                straight down blue blur

                                in white foam and

                                a tube roar behind me

                                straight in beach side

rode til the

shore hit

board bottom

beached and dug in

couldn’t say a thing

that’s the smile

they’re all talking


kunduchi beach long ago now



about the

very length

so much sand

water blue and

a little under the

weather always so

very nice and the smile

feet so hot on the white

sand underneath and the

cooler is there before you

can say no and you don't want

to not really for its hot and a drink

could be cool and loquacious running

down kunduchi for a long time a stretch

its true so long ago i remember such a time

and some rock and corals also there to stub toes

and a blue boat and a black man and white teeth with

rope around his shorts and a basket balanced in vertigo

but not as bad as spinning of course more to the sway and

the swaying palms and softy ice cream winds onshore cooling

and worried about the car and the vinyl heats the smell of plastic

sand dancing from seat to seat and just a check and a dry towel and

no need no want no idea to be in that car so near the beach and that real

good day of days after the trip out of the city kind of like the light from california

but not and much more to it than all that and a lilt of the radios and the kids run up

and down the sands so going on and on and on and the day lasting almost as long

there's a point of end in the distance but around a bend and another side and going on

long walks good for my head so thinking it could be so but kunduchi always is and the

same sensitivity and warm winds protect me the same as long ago i sit and thinking

about what then

Mike Sluchinski is a mature part-time University of Saskatchewan student and does construction and demolition work. He often listens to his Thai astrologer and his wife, although rarely in that order. Blessed and favored by faith, he prays every day, especially short ones, sometimes under his breath if there's hammers and nails involved. His poetry has been published in Freefall , In Media Res, and Grain magazines. 


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