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#SIP Poem - by Kevin Jackson

Updated: May 2, 2020


It hit unexpectedly like a camouflaged

Snake slithering stealthily in the withered grass

Penetrating the canopied organ around the ankle

A precipitous poisonous dosage of life’s frailty

It hit every country, nation, man and woman with impunity and

We are forced to quarantine in differencing islands

Some children dived into an excess of familial love

Whilst some are isolated with menacing merchants of hate

The smell of fresh breakfast sensationally stimulates the air

The stench of alcohol and the bombardment of verbal artillery

Fills the house with an imitable aroma of disastrous despair,

And society still shamelessly shares no sympathy for the broken

All manners of society are willfully, shamefully and angrily secluded

The virus transferred easily and tenaciously, unlike anything we’ve seen

Hoards of the panicked hoarded supplies of all types including baby wipes—

The elderly was forced to gawk at their empty isles of needed treasures

People sparred in insults, government’s aids came piecemeal and

Those who spoke the wisest, were the ones who most deprived us.

Kevin Jackson is an aspiring filmmaker and writer based in Riverside California. Poetry was Kevin’s first real passion and the works of Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe inspired him to write more often. He has been published by the Bookends Review. Be hopes to one day soon win an academy award.


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