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All Roads Blind Episode #2 Kauai

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I had the pleasure of visiting Kauai a couple of years ago, and some of the locals allowed me to help (read, hinder), and get some footage of their traditional Imu Kalua pig roast for "Gradpa's" 76 birthday. It was an incredible experience. I am sharing that here, and and also posting some links to some wildfire relief funds that are gathering resources to help those affected by the brutal, deadly wildfires that swept Maui recently. Please consider donating, and helping in any way that you can.

  • LIST: Help Maui Fire Victims: Here's Where You Can Donate (

  • Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong fund: Focusing on rapid response and working with local nonprofits to understand community needs. More details.

  • Maui Food Bank: Collecting and distributing food to help the hungry in Maui County. More details.

  • Maui United Way: Providing direct relief to families and nonprofits. More details.

  • The Salvation Army Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division: Providing food and resources for evacuees. More details.

  • Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation: Partnering with the state Department of Education to support school communities in West Maui through Oct. 1. More details.

  • Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement: Working to match every donation to Maui fire victims as of Friday evening. More details.

  • ‘Āina Momona: Establishing an emergency fund for Maui County first responders, including Firefighters, Lifeguards, and Emergency Medical Technicians. More details.

  • Catholic Charities Hawaii: Actively working with other organizations to assess the critical needs of individuals affected by the wildfires.

  • Maui Humane Society: Supporting shelters for displaced people and animals, and caring for injured animals. More details.

  • Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Hawaii Business Relief Fund: Assisting the business communities on Maui.

  • World Central Kitchen: Providing meals to people in need by partnering with local organizations. More details.

  • Hawaii Lions Foundation: Matching up to $25,000 in donations for Maui disaster relief efforts. More details.

  • Hawaiʻi People’s Fund: Providing immediate relief to those directly impacted by the wildfires on Maui Island. More details.


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