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[Photography] Interview with Sonali Roy

[KELP JOURNAL] Sonali, I chose your photographs because there is something so captivating about the power of this river that you have captured. Can you tell us more about it? Like where in the world it is located and its importance in that landscape?


[SONALI ROY]  It is the Damodar river that I framed near the Randiha village, Panagarh, West Bengal, India. The Damodar contributes much in the growth and development of the agricultural field of the area. In fact, not only the particular area, but it’s the most significant flow throughout the entire district of Bardhaman (though now divided as Purba and Pachim Bardhaman). Besides, the river plays pivotal roles in enhancing the tourism sector.

[KJ] The lighting is very interesting. Can you talk about what made you choose to photograph Damodar that day?


[SR]  Actually, the river becomes very fierce during the rains, which I’ve been hearing since my childhood. So, I framed the images in May on a cloudy day. From the personal perspective, I’ve really found cloudy weather very helpful and fascinating for capturing such nature photos, especially water-bodies.

[KJ] I understand that the Damodar is not far from your hometown. Do you have any memories of it growing up?


[SR] Yes, I’d like to share here something from my childhood, when I was in standard six. At that time, I explored the beauty of the river for the first time that I went to visit the river with my family. It was a winter morning, and all the tourists were busy in preparing for the lunch. But, I was engaged in viewing the surrounding, the tall tree, the serenity, and the river- its gentleness really attracted me. But, I was really afraid when I heard we’d go boating on the river though later enjoyed it, especially when I saw the golden rays of the sun got reflected on the water.

[KJ] I know that you are a multi-talented creator and I always ask such artists if and how they choose their form of expression. Do you tinker around to find the right form for a subject or do you have a feeling from the beginning what medium you will use? 


[SR] Honestly speaking, I enjoy creating, whatever the medium may be - say of photography, digital painting, 3-D installations, or watercolor - everywhere, I seek to portray nature, because I believe nature has everything to teach and inspire you. Besides, nature is not made-up- in fact she needs not any. Yes, I hate hypocrisy and am a straight-forward thinker. I portray different aspects of life through nature’s texture. Moreover, I love innocence. And nature’s innocence is peerless! And as a passionate traveler, I enjoy photography.

Sonali Roy is a freelance writer taking interest in holistic approaches for maintaining good health  (for both humans and their nonhuman friends), business management, latest science discoveries, technology, robotics, archaeology, architecture, food & nutrition, history, spirituality, the unexplained, and art & culture. Besides, she's a passionate traveler & photographer, music composer, singer, painter, 3-D art designer, and practices yoga & meditation regularly. Devoted to a vegan diet, she enjoys creative writing, though the recent demise of her 8-yr old canine friend Fuchoo baffled her. Sonali appeared on Alive65, Allwomen’s talk, Agave,, The Asian Geographic, The Properties India, A Beautiful Resistance, Grasslimb, Silver Blade, Five Poetry, Beyond Imagination, Moon Pigeon Press, Blu Inc Media, The Peak, Herizons, The Sunlight Press, Held Magazine, SERVO Magazine, ParABnormal Magazine, American Paranormal Press, Mycelia, Paper Lanterns, Archive of the Odds, Queer Toronto Literary Magazine, MAYDAY (appeared and upcoming), Illustrated Worlds, Lorelei Signal, Rock and a Hard Place Magazine, Scifaikuest (upcoming), 34 Orchard ( appeared & upcoming), Banshee, Ergot Press, Penumbric Magazine (appeared & upcoming), Exist Otherwise, The Mantlepiece, New Scientist, Creation Illustrated, and many others.


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