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[Poetry] Two Poems by Halle George

Anne Bonny Makes It Out

when you made it to the beach

was your child on your back

or left on another shore?

and which

would be harder to carry?

you learned when you were a little girl

knife slipped up your sleeve

an extraction team isn’t coming

so fight like a dog

and you won’t die like a man


and tie your red hair tight

and get a better ending

than a stone cell on a southern island

than a rope around your neck

run for the waves

with teeth bared

the riptide is no match for you

When It Comes to Admitting My Love for You

I left it too long

Like sea water sat still and briny in a bucket

The wind wasn’t blowing the right way

The sky was always red enough to warrant warning

The salt in the water was easier to choke through than the fear

The thing about a riptide is that is takes you quick

Swept from your feet without a second to think

But you and I were like low tide

Pulling me out inch by inch

Burying you up to your ankles in sand

Until any land I might once have stood with you on disappeared over the horizon

Until any step you might once have taken towards me was a distant memory

People can tread water for a long time

But eventually you have to sink or swim

Maybe I’ll meet you on the ocean floor

Halle George is a writer who spends most of the day working in advertising. She has previously been published by Wingless Dreamer Press and shortlisted for the Briefly Write Poetry Prize. She lives in Los Angeles.


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