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[Poetry] Two poems by Lori Zybala


Framing landscape, rocky existence

Bodies of water, twisting ~ turning

Path of direction known

Single channel, controlled speed

Moving current, low need

Downstream, living particles travel

Cellular life altered

Man’s destruction unravels

Geological entity

Earths natural release

Tossing, churning

Raw matter unfolding at the crease

Intimate small rivers

Growing, cutting in size and speed

Sacred land boundaries

Or political world greed?

Consumption, over abundance

Greed ramped across the land

Disturbing the earth’s atmosphere

Earth altered by man’s hand

Modifier of the earth’s atmosphere

Fundamental flow

Element connectedness

Environmental blow

Gathering effortlessly

Direction embraced by the other

Two rivers simultaneously conflux

And peacefully join together

Luciferous Flow

Currents gently flowing

Hugging the rivers bend

A rippling ring radiating outward

Redistributing the suns heat

Specular reflection, light display

Shimmers across the waters surface

Beautiful images, mirror their exhibit

Reaming open to human interpretation

Delicate white feathers, silently sail

Secret vessels through the night

Careless and free

Securing a perfect destination


Water striders

Propulsion in precise formation

Their energy electric

Walking the waters surface

Shades of green

Simultaneous in suns appearance

Darkness infiltrates dramatically

Cool shade penetrates

Cicadas chanting, clicking relief

Lofty from the treetop’s

Uniquely amplifying

Pitching a distinctive song

The calm water below

Patiently waits in silence

Insightful, circulatory timing

Precious blue heart of the earth

Lori Zybala is an ‘Ecopoet’ and a Canadian-based writer who writes poetry to intertwine the musings of the mind related to human existence, nature, and a love of language. Lori is always available if you want to chat about poetry, books, writing, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out via the web: WORDPRESS: HTTPS://ECOPOETIC.WORDPRESS.COM/ INSTAGRAM: HTTPS://WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/ECOPOET77/ TWITTER: HTTPS://TWITTER.COM/TARROGON


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