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[Poetry] Two Poems by Robin Knight


The whales came in,

the whales went out,

into the harbour and beyond.

Wrecking the boardwalk

with their thudding passage,

they sucked light from arcades

like clouds of plankton.

Leaving us here to regret,

they blew a million tears

in their wake.


Upstream, sturgeon dream

of sacrosanct nurseries, where

unhatched young have fishy futures.

Upstream, geese dream

of waddling round grainless yards,

snacking at will.

Upstream, crabs dream

of drifting lifeless in the open sea,

not boiling to death in freshwater oubliettes.

Downstream, entrepreneurs dream

of endless reservations,

bloated margins.

Downstream chefs dream

of superlative ingredients,

soaring reputations.

Downstream diners dream

of delicious anniversaries,

size zero avatars, forever fresh.

Robin Knight (He, Him) is a mixed-race, neurodivergent writer in Sussex. His poetry has been selected by: The North, Poetry Wales, The American Journal of Poetry, Rattle, Filling Station, SOUTH, Lighthouse, Griffel, The Dewdrop, The Whirlwind, Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, Haunted Waters Press, MONO, The Bangalore Review, and others. He has written features for well-known magazines and co-authored a book of Children’s Folk Tales for The History Press. His novel Coyote, set in Northern Mexico in the early 19th Century, is seeking publication.


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