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[Poetry] Two Poems Melanie DuBose


Our Bodies are Mostly Water


“All forms of pollution eventually make their way to water.”

                                                                        —a scientist


            it was announced as


 the first day of a month without plastic



             your book came


in a white plastic bubble wrap envelope


I don't really mind bent corners


I put

            the plastic bag

                                     in the trash

It will go to a landfill


Polymer polymer polymer

many seas many seas many seas


And I’ve grown tired of punctuation


littering the page


I don’t think of leaves

                                     littering trees

Or birds

                                    littering the sky

Or stars

                                    littering the night



17 types of plastic in arctic ice

4 main types of plastics in our blood



blood scientists aren't as exact

as glaciologists


but what’s in water

                                    is in blood


We are so porous

                                    In the future nanobots

                                    will swim in our blood

                                    collecting plastic

                                    out of this plastic

                                    they will make

                        their own

                                    special planet


                                                floating above us

What could go wrong?





The Everyday Day


Something outside enters

a dove arrives and sits

atop a tree of raucous starlings


the orange pickers laugh

in the distance  straw hats

and white t-shirts


on the way to the farm

we hit a wild pig

and today a single cloud

with a long snout

and four little legs

hangs in the sky above me



Melanie DuBose got her BA in theatre from UCSC ages ago, and her MFA in Film from UCLA. Her family all live in Capitola and Watsonville, but she ran away from home and teaches teenagers filmmaking in East Los Angeles. Her poetry has been published in Drunk Monkey, Tiny Seed, One Sentence Poems, and other journals.


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