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Shelter in Place Writing Contest

Dear Readers,

It is with a heavy yet optimistic heart that I am writing to you today. As many of us hunker down with loved ones, junk food, and copious amounts of toilet paper, I thought that sharing our stories from this time would serve two greater purposes. One more immediate purpose would be to occupy our minds with our art by sharing stories from our isolation. We are all in this together, and hearing each other's voices can be calming and meaningful. The second purpose is to chronicle this unprecedented moment in world history. Let these voices, stories, and poems provide a bit of candlelight in a dark time and be saved indefinitely for posterity.

We plan to read submissions as they roll in, and publish, with permission, some of these works continually throughout this term of isolation. We will have a vote prior to our June issue to announce the winners for each category.

All pieces will be considered for publication in the Journal, a published anthology, and on our Instagram account. Videos of you reading your work in your isolation are encouraged.

Send submissions to

Thank you all. All final submissions are due by May 1st, 2020.

The Kelp Journal Team


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