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#SIP Poem by Susan Dambroff

Stay Home, Take a Walk

these days

we scan for pleasure

blooms of elm

of pink cheeked camellias

wildflowers on a city peak

where dogs

continue to smell

each blade of grass

for more and more and more

we stay home

take a walk

stay home

take a walk

and notice

the architecture

and longevity of trees

the jazz of spring

the coo

of a morning dove

at the kitchen table

we put puzzles together

this piece goes here

and this goes there

find blue

find green

find red

we gargle and sip

gargle and sip

notice what else is here

children build

fairy houses in trees

a father scatters flower petals

along a city block

his daughter jumps

on every one

I walk

with a friend

6 feet apart

and decide

to only speak

about what we are

grateful for

the bloom

the rise

the view


and stars

at home

we gargle and sip

gargle and sip


the tempo

the timber

the smoky fur

of the cat

her deep curling


my daughter

misses going to the gym

starts to run and run and run

through the canyon

to find what else is here

the hill

the grass

the dog

that smells and smells

for more and more

we gargle and sip

gargle and sip

put the next piece

of the puzzle together

find green

find blue

find red

then walk

into the big sky


the uncontained flight

of birds

Susan Dambroff is a poet, performer, and teacher. Her poetry chapbbok,

“Conversations with Trees” was published in 2018 by Finishing Line Press. Her

latest manuscript ,“A Chair Keeps the Floor Down”, dives deeply into her long career

as a Special Education teacher, and is now under submission.

She has been published in many literary journals and anthologies, including Civil

Liberties United, Ghosts of the Holocaust, Stoneboat, Birdland Journal,

Red Bird Chapbooks, and Earth’s Daughters . Her first book of poems, “Memory in

Bone” was published in a limited letterpress edition in 1984 by Black Oyster Press.

She performs throughout the Bay Area in Spoken Duets, a poetic collaboration with

Chris Kammler.


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