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[Poetry] Three Poems by Sierra Duffey

California Dreaming

I sauntered into a fairy-tale

in the midst of the night

and most of the fairies were asleep.

only a

charismatic darkness

subtle glow of fireflies

and the crashing of the breeze.

Third Crossing

Evolving current beneath cemented steps, causeways and causes colliding

a' ways down the riverbend.

What should be childhood nostalgia comes upon me blank.

Slate slated grey as I watch a child grow another millimetre each time I blink my eyes

soprano lashes and laughter fading away with sunlight

disguised by wafer-thin

wavering sheets of ice.

Things are a changin'

as blues would sing, as rock n' roll would lament

as ripe and empty

milkweed shivers, joints limber and crackling.

A place I never called home, but echoed in me,

unable to remit.

Paradoxes surviving

copper dust in silver and auburn, coffee-burnt pupils

mornings never silent, a perpetual hum that drones

when meant to wake slowly and early and reprieved.

Music I never cared for now hits a vibration. Comatose creaking.

Organs yawning and dusty shaking residue frost

patient for daybreak to taint ivory canvases with sunburn,

a smattering of freckles

a friend who may return with laughter now chapped and mellow.

The breakwater,

tenured, a foreword to affinity ever closer to spring.

Pacific Pleasures

The most breathtaking recollections

have always incriminated

eminent cerulean.

Sierra Duffey is a queer writer and photographer in Montreal, Quebec. Through sassy poetry and colourful photographs, Sierra explores topics such as psychology, love, cults and spirituality and nature. Her work has been published in PACE Magazine, Lantern Magazine and flo. She also performs at several poetry readings and open mics.


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