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[Wanderlust ~ Film] Monterey Car Week 2019

Car week is clearly not the same exhilarating experience for locals as it seems to be for car enthusiasts. Fat cat billionaires fill every available space and hanger at the Monterey Airport, and when that’s full they helicopter in from San Jose Regional—all ready to mingle with the high price hookers who come in droves to flirt in short skirts and stilettos. Meanwhile, moving trucks pull scores of multi-million dollars cars in on trailers for said fat cats to speed recklessly around our quiet peninsula in, as if our home were just another of their myriad playgrounds for disregard and defacement. Another place where their money makes them untouchable. Also, during this time frame all of my favorite restaurants are overcrowded and I can’t drive to the market without waiting in thirty minutes of traffic. At least, this year, the cops were out in force and at probably several hundred of you got speeding tickets in your Bugatti’s and Lotus’.

I generally don’t attend these events because mostly they are for rich ass hats who spend 48 million dollars on cars, but I did go to the Rolex event at the Laguna Seca Raceway. It was a fine, warm day and I had a few friends with me who dressed for the weather and stayed cool drinking frosty beers. The vintage car races at the track are something fun to see, so, the weekend wasn’t a total cluster--plus i get to see some good friends. Afterward we went to my favorite restaurant in the entire world, Il Tigamino in Carmel, California where we are always treated like friends of the owners. Because, well, we are friends of the owners. But that doesn’t diminish the quality of the food and service. Both are spectacular.

The crown jewel of car week is Concours d'elegance. A vanity affair complete with $750 tickets to view cars parked on the auspicious golf links at Pebble Beach. If you’re into cars, it's your wet dream. If you are like me, and drive a Ford Escape and are happy with the fact that it’s easy to clean sand from your surf board from its rubber mats, then perhaps visit Monterey County another time. Enjoy the highlight video.


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